WRITER: Any way you can go a little faster or read more than one chapter at a time? So little at once so far apart can lead to the tendency to forget what happened.

BETA READER: It is true I do not remember some details. You can look at that in 2 ways: 1) I suck as a be...

“Your people don’t want a princess. They want a war queen.”

From the line in my novel that prompted its title came a revelation that it is so much more than a line or a title. It’s a way of conducting yourself, your life, your job, and your future.

“Your people don’t wan...


Take all your characters and force them into a theoretical dance club. Make them stand so they form a circle in the middle of them. Now play this song:

As the author, stand back and watch. Who among your characters seizes this opportunity and busts out a few move...

Wanting to track down her friend's murderers, corset-hating Brynn of 1842 England follows a map her dead friend left her, but she finds instead a wizard imprisoned during the Middle Ages. Because the wizard is the last one, upon his death a creature from the Fae Realm...

There are only 2 forces in this world: what we make happen by our own two hands (we drive the car) and the random acts we react to (we get hit by a car).

REACTIVE PLOT LINE: Bob must walk one block to Grandma’s house. Two steps out his front door, a dog bites his leg. H...

Its nature is uncertain,

            Its purpose not disclosed.

I don’t know what it is,

            But I’m sure it isn’t prose.

It rises when falling’s better,


(This thunderstorm is a good representation of the thunderstorm we were running from) 

I have ranted before about the media reporting on only those stories that make people look bad, and never reporting on the stories that make people look good. So I need to t...


1 cup warm/hot water

1TBS baking soda

OPTIONAL: 5 drops essential oil of choice: Rosemary boosts hair growth which is what I use and it works, Lavender also promotes hair growth, Chamomile adds shine and softens, Cederwood promotes hair growth and treats thin...


1 disposable cotton round (found in the cosmetic section at your local store.)

1 TBS baking soda (or less, depending on your needs)

1 drop of either:

  • MELALEUCA: the best for fighting acne. My mother says it softens her wrinkles, too.

  • LAVENDER: 2nd bes...

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