“Your people don’t want a princess. They want a war queen.”

From the line in my novel that prompted its title came a revelation that it is so much more than a line or a title. It’s a way of conducting yourself, your life, your job, and your future.

“Your people don’t wan...

I’m an avid reader of fantasy books. I’m also an avid writer of fantasy books. And, what the heck, I’m also an avid enthusiast about maps in fantasy books. I own a lot of the Dragonlance books. I even have a map of Skyrim hanging in my hallway and a map of Maui right a...

(O) I conceived the idea for The War Queen In 2008. I'd gone for a midnight walk to the pillars above ISU campus in Pocatello, ID. I'm fairly imaginative and always creating stories and scenarios in my head, so while sitting beneath the pillars by myself, I imagined th...

Since The War Queen has an ebook version, I REALLY wanted to attach links into the book itself during certain scenes, like at my battle so readers could listen to certain sounds/music that dealt with the scene. My publisher liked this idea, but because of the file size...

300 years ago, the people dethroned their king and queen to avoid another tyranny. The people instead nominate a State Head every three years and Altarn is the first female to hold the position. She’s used to tolerating the biases of men but Kaelin, the State Head of h...

Lady Altarn (Interviewee)

JM Robison (Interviewer)

JM ROBISON: What is your name?

ALTARN: Altarn Lilleith Shadheing

JM ROBISON: Where do you work?

ALTARN: I’m the Lady of Blindvar.

JM ROBISON: What sort of duties does that entail?

ALTARN: It’s the highest political position o...

Lord Kaelin (Interviewee)

JM Robison (Interviewer)

JM ROBISON: What is your full name?

KAELIN: Kaelin-drath Morrendrake.

JM ROBISON: Where do you work?

KAELIN: I’m the Lord of Ruidenthall.

JM ROBISON: What are your duties associated with that job?

KAELIN: It’s similar to a ki...

I pride myself in writing a book with unique elements you don't see (or see very little of) in other fantasy romance books.

First of all, what is The War Queen about? 300 years ago, the people dethroned their king and queen to prevent another tyranny. Now instead,...

Buy the map featured in The War Queen HERE

FAN ART (Contest Currently Closed)

There will be a call-out for War Queen fan-art. At that time, I will be accepting art that features some theme/item/character related to the War Queen. All skill levels will be accepted. Every submission (you can submit more than one a...

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March 19, 2018

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