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J.M. Robison
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Hello book worms! Unless you prefer book dragon? I am J.M. Robison. I write fantasy books where heroes don't follow the rules. I joined the U.S. Army at 17 which has brought me rich experience in different cultures, religions, and ethnicities to add variety to my world building and characters (to date I have visited Italy, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Qatar, U.A.E., and Kuwait.)

I like reading. You should never trust an author who does not also read. I crochet. I strive to be chemical-free so I make my own body and household products which are cheap and non-toxic. I love mountain biking, camping, and, in general, playing in the dirt. I video game (discord: Evermore#3394.) I recently started barefoot running. Some day I'll become a hermit #lifegoals


22 April 2023:  my short sci-fi, Chasing Stars, is now published with Metal Lunch Box publishing inside an anthology called Stars and Wanderers. Available ebook and paperback. 

30 December 2022  I released the first chapter in my serialized novel, Paragon Forgotten. See the tab at the top of the page and subscribe to be notified of new chapters every Friday.

5 November 2022  I won the Jimmy D. Haws award for a military essay about air defense's contribution to Pearl Harbor.


Our Book Nook reviews The War Queen.


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