The Lost Gods is a complete 5 book series, currently in the heavy editing stage. Book 1 - Evermore is the first book in the series. I will seek publication for them following the publication of The Last Wizard.

No one thought gods could make mistakes. Until one did.

Astorous's mistake unleashes a monster upon the world and heralds a war between the ten realms who had been united in peace for hundreds of years. Because of this transgression, Astorous is stripped of his godhood and thrown onto the world until he can fix his mistake.

Coleous is not sure why his humble upbringing is noticed by the Goddess of Fate, and though he doesn't understand the meaning of the sword she gives him with the soul of a god slaved inside, Astorous does and, as a mortal man, Astorous is waiting for the time when this sword will fall into his hands so he can stop the war he started and slay the mistake he created.