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Paragon Forgotten

A coming of age epic fantasy

by J.M. Robison

1st chapter to be released 30 December 2022 and every following Friday.

When a family-hungry 16-year-old human discovers his once-thought-dead father started a war against the eight races, he must decide: join his father and erase his culture and humanity forever, or resist him and kill the only family he's ever wanted.

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Paragon Forgotten Chapter 5

Horiot Edmere, "Eloshonna Fauna" >With R'th > Divine agents
Unicorns: APPEARANCE: a horse-like animal. Pure-white coat with a horn curling out from the center of its head. Embodiment of Day. ORIGIN: created by Sovereign Life to counter death. R'TH: can heal. SENTIENT? No.
Halicorn: APPEARANCE: a horse-like animal. Blue-black coat with a horn curling out from the center of its head. Embodiment of Night. ORIGIN: created by Sovereign Astral to counter life. R'TH: can kill. SENTIENT? No.
Moon Stallions (unverified): APPEARANCE: a horse-like animal. Purple coat. ORIGIN: rumored to be agents of an unknown moon goddess. R'TH: rumored to be able to call forth a moonbeam at night and walk upon it like one walks upon a road. SENTIENT? unknown.

Paragon Forgotten Chapter 4

The 5 Sovereign Gods are embodied into Mortal Earth;
Weather, Earth, Water, Astral, Life.
Do not sin against them, and offer the appropriate sacrifice or they will revoke their blessings to you.
- On Religion

Paragon Forgotten Chapter 3

Each of the 11 months are 40 days long. The year begins at the start of spring:
Falkon (spring)
Ecthore (spring)
Gryphon (summer)
Pegasi (summer)
Seadweller (summer)
Elf (summer)
Human (harvest)
Dwarf (autumn)
Dragon (autumn)
Gods (winter)
Paragons (winter)

Dark Elf

Paragon Forgotten Chapter 2

The Dark Elven Goddess grants the Seeing Dark Elves a deadly R’th:

IBORMISIVOUH - translates into “the blue hand”. The Seeing will press their palm on any surface and leave a blue handprint. The handprint sings out a specific sound the blind Dark Elves can hear. The Dark Elves will respond and capture whatever the ibormisivouh has imprinted.

IBORMISIFIER- translates into “the red hand”. Same mechanics, but instead of capture, the blind Dark Elves will kill.

Paragon Forgotten Chapter 1

Diviners claim the universe created both Paragons, male and female, from the cataclysm of two crashing stars - Creation of Mortal Earth

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