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The Lost Gods series

Cover for Paragon Forgotten. A woman looking through a tear in the universe.


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Paragon Forgotten

The Lost Gods, Book 1

Cohthel should have visited his father’s grave sooner, because now it’s missing.

His mother makes excuses for the absent grave, which Cohthel accepts, but his best friend won’t. He convinces Cohthel his father must still be alive, and Cohthel runs away from school, family, and friends to find the truth. He needs the truth because Mother won’t remarry and without a father’s guidance Cohthel fears he’ll never choose an apprenticeship, will live with Mother the rest of his life, won’t fully grasp manhood, and all his friends will succeed in life and leave him behind.

​While away, Cohthel hears corrupting rumors that humans are breaking alliances to force the other eight races to worship humans as gods. He returns home to not only having found the truth about his once-thought-dead father, but that he now must choose: join the humans’ war for godhood and erase his culture, identity, and humanity, or oppose the war and be forced to kill the only thing he’s ever wanted: a father. An ageless human lurks behind the fabric of the universe, and she gives Cohthel a third impossible choice: stop the war. But he must find a way to live forever, first.

Paragon Forgotten is most comparable to a young adult-style Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman for the epic world-building and racially diverse realms. Paragon Forgotten floats atop modern themes of diversity, acceptance, love, and service, as well as the tearing inner conflict between right, wrong, and family.

I dedicate Paragon Forgotten to all men everywhere. I love, admire, and respect all of you. Thank you for your strength.

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Paragon Ruin

The Lost Gods, Book 2


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