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Music Links to Songs I Used in the Making of The War Queen

Since The War Queen has an ebook version, I REALLY wanted to attach links into the book itself during certain scenes, like at my battle so readers could listen to certain sounds/music that dealt with the scene. My publisher liked this idea, but because of the file size and copyright issues, it was a sad "No." So I'm going to drop this link right here:

A nervous violin player fidgeted close to Altarn’s horse, pacing in small movements about his area, clenching his instrument and bow in his gloved hands as if he might use them as a weapon.

“Eldic.” Altarn’s voice slashed through the cold dark.

The violinist looked up.


The lad nodded as if on instinct instead of willingness. Altarn could almost hear

his bones scream in protest as he set the instrument under his chin and the bow

against the strings (the music link below follows this passage):

I use the below song to describe Kaelin and Altarn's relationship:

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