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Print Books Are Not Dead

I hear people say print books are dead. That is not true. There is always a need for print books.

THE BLIND: Blind people can’t read ebooks. But they CAN read braille, which can only happen on good ol’ paper.

ILLUSTRATIONS: I wanted to have illustrations in my book, to have a picture to head off each of my chapters for my book getting published. Because they do ebooks first before print, my publisher said no, because it would make the file size much too big for my ebook if illustrations were included. I barely made off with getting my map included in my book. Remember Harry Potter’s fun illustrations at the start of every chapter? That would not have happened had it been an ebook, though other publishers may be able to get away with it. I’m just speaking about mine.

HARD ON EYES: I don’t read ebooks myself because there is something alluring about paper and ink. But I spoke to another “non-ebook” reader who said he didn’t read them because the screen is hard on his eyes.

ONE DAY WE WON’T HAVE INTERNET: I know you don’t believe me on this, but I’m prepared for the day when we don’t have internet. Or electricity. And when that day happens, I’ve got a happy bookshelf with all my favorite books I can still read and read to my children.

3rd WORLD COUNTRIES WHO ALREADY DON’T HAVE INTERNET OR ELECTRICITY: Aren’t they allowed books? They don’t have e-readers. Don’t rob them of paper books, which is all they have.

INMATES IN JAILS: I work in a county jail, and the inmates don’t have e-readers. But they do have paper books, and keeping them reading keeps them out of trouble.

STUCK SOMEWHERE AND FORGOT YOUR E-READER: But there is a “free book” shelf nearby? Thank goodness you have a back-up paper book to read.

MILITARY: I’ve deployed to Afghanistan. No e-reader for any of us. But we had access to paper books. Thank goodness.

SCHOOLS: I’m from a poor family. Even if we had e-readers when I grew up, I wouldn’t have owned one. Paper books to the rescue for me!

I’m a spokesman for paper books, and I’m pleading with you not to forget about them. They are not dead. They still have uses that e-readers do not.

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