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Win Prizes with Future Contests

FAN ART (Contest Currently Closed)

There will be a call-out for War Queen fan-art. At that time, I will be accepting art that features some theme/item/character related to the War Queen. All skill levels will be accepted. Every submission (you can submit more than one art), will go through a judging process held by myself. I will choose which art I like the best and the winner will receive a miniature pair of shorns affixed to a wood plaque (just like the one Altarn gives Kaelin when he comes to Blindvar, wink wink.)

All entrants, regardless of winning, will have a place on this blog with a link you provide me where people can find you on social media or art-related business website (like Finearts America, Deviant Art, etc.)

FAVORITE LINE FROM BOOK (Contest Currently Closed)

Upon reading the book, if there are lines that really strike you as having personal meaning to you and/or you just simply like it for whatever reason, then mention the line and explain why you like it. You may have multiple submissions. For every favorite line you share with me, your name will go into a drawing. The winner will receive Kaelin's belldew flower necklace.

You may submit more than one favorite line, but each line must be accompanied by an explanation why you like it. If I can tell someone is doing this just to have their name submitted multiple times to increase their chances at winning, that line will not be counted.

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