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I beta read for free


1-Honest opinions from a published author (me) whose been writing for 16 years, completed 8 novels, and been rejected for publication 47 times before my current contract with Tirgearr Publishing.

2-Tips on how to improve your writing if needed, to include links to blogs/websites where you can further investigate the authenticity of my comments I might make.

3-I won't check for spelling or grammar. That is your job.


1-Being writers, we fall too deeply in love with our writing and, just like with children, we want to believe they are perfect and in no need of improvement. But that is not so. For writing, you get so close to it you can no longer see (or refuse to see) mistakes. It takes a fresh pair of eyes to lovingly point those out to you.

2-They can give you unexpected tips to improve your writing style. Like a beta reader did for me. Now I'm published.


Email your first 3 chapters to in the body of the email. You may think the first 3 chapters is not enough, but literary agents will only ask for your first 3 chapters (some ask for less) and so my reading and commenting on your 3 chapters will help you see what an agent might think of them, so you can know what might be hanging you up. Also, I don't have to read the whole book to know if your writing style is strong or to know if the plot picks up quickly. Your writing style in the first 3 chapters will be the same writing style in chapter 100, so if I offer advice on how to improve your style, you can use it for chapter 100, too.


* Your novels MUST be complete. This matters because if you've only written 5 chapters and want a critique on the first 3, you'll be crushed when my comments are not favorable. 1st drafts are ALWAYS crap, and if I crush you with unfavorable comments you may not finish the book, and I don't want to do that to you.

* If I suggest something, I don't want to hear you defend it. You wanted me to beta read because you believed you could use some improvement, so stop defending the things that need improvement.

* If I ask a question, I don't want you to email me back with the answer, but I DO want you to consider clarifying whatever it is I questioned IN THE WRITING ITSELF so other readers behind me won't have questions.

* I only read fiction. Don't send me non-fiction material. I also will not read LGBT, rape, incest, etc., or sex scenes.

* Declare in the email what draft number you are on (1st draft? 100th?) and if you plan to self-publish, traditionally publish, or are just writing for fun. My overall comments vary depending on this, so it's important.

* I am only one reader with one set of opinions. If you don't like my suggestions, please find another beta reader. They might feel differently. If they feel the same, however, that's a clear indicator you should probably change what they recommend you change.

* There are times I get a lot of requests, so if you don't hear from me right away, it just means you are still waiting in line.