Pain Is Beauty, But It Shouldn't Be Toxic

One morning I woke up and I thought, what ingredients are in my face wash? A random thought, one that hadn’t struck me in all my 27 years of living. But finally approached with this question, I sat at the computer with face wash in hand and googled all the ingredients listed on the back. I discovered chemicals that caused dry skin, reports that had not yet verified if they caused cancer, other chemicals that caused acne (which didn’t make sense because my face wash was targeted toward fighting acne), and still another chemical used by farmers to dissolve the carcasses of dead farm animals. Oh, there was also Vitamin E.

I threw my face wash in the trash.

On a roll now and furious with the FDA and other companies who thought it was okay to slowly poison me with my beauty products, I googled the ingredients on my shampoo (had a chemical that caused acne, which explained the acne along my hairline and back of my neck.) Conditioner. Lotion. Deodorant (Which has a chemical that is linked to breast cancer, which makes sense because our arm pits are right next to our breasts.) It didn’t matter the brand. I’ve nearly tried them all, and all of them have similar ingredients.

I went further and threw away my dish soap, launder soap, bleach, Lysol, until all I had was water which I debated delivering to a priest who could bless it holy.

But a Joe still has to clean herself, and water is only half the solution. What to do? We have the internet in the 2015th year of our Lord, so I googled. “Homemade face wash” and another “homemade shampoo” and on and on until I had a toxic-free alternative to everything I threw away.

This was the start of my journey. Click the links below to discover my secrets.

Toxic-free Shampoo

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