Toxic-Free Face Scrub


1 disposable cotton round (found in the cosmetic section at your local store.)

1 TBS baking soda (or less, depending on your needs)

1 drop of either:

  • MELALEUCA: the best for fighting acne. My mother says it softens her wrinkles, too.

  • LAVENDER: 2nd best for fighting acne, plus it gives you the added effect of softening your skin and doesn’t leave behind that “dry, tight skin” feel. Should also soften wrinkles.

  • CEDERWOOD: helps with general skin imperfections and helps create an even skin tone.

  • ANY OIL YOU WANT: Experiment. Whatever works for you and your needs.


Take a hot shower. This will open your pores for easier blackhead removal. Get out of the shower. Before your pores close, take one disposable cotton pad and get it wet with hot water. Add 1TBS of baking soda on the wet pad so it becomes a paste. Add 1 drop of your oil of choice. Any more drops and it will burn your skin. Scrub this around your face, paying special attention to blackhead areas, like your nose. Scrub the oil around your face until you feel happy you did a good job with it (don’t over-scrub). The baking soda scrubs off dead skin cells and acts as a magnet to dirt, pulling the dirt out of your pores. NOTE: essential oils are a benefit but not required.

Leave this mixture on your face for about half a minute to allow the oil to further work its magic. When you rinse, do so with cold water. The cold water will close your pores, sealing them so dirt can’t get back in. Dry with a paper towel. Clean, sterile surfaces must always touch your face so you don’t put dirt back in the pores you just cleaned. Also take note that you will only scrub your face once, maybe twice a week. Any more and you will damage healthy skin. You can wash your face between that time (soap it, don’t scrub it), as long as it is with natural, chemical-free soap. Moisturize with something chemical-free. I use straight coconut oil.


This isn’t just a face scrub. It’s a life change. If you truly want naturally clean skin, you must keep chemicals off your skin FOREVER. Where do chemicals come from? Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, makeup, soap – basically anything you buy from a store. You didn’t make the product yourself, so you can’t know what’s in it. Some of the chemicals used in our daily beauty products are toxic. Don’t believe me? Take your shampoo and facewash. Google all the ingredients on each of them. You will find chemicals in both that are known to cause acne and cancer. Your makeup, too. My facewash will do you no good if you then apply chemicals to your skin. Ever read on your beauty products that say "for external use only"? A good mantra to herald this life-change by is: If you can’t put it IN your body, why would you trust it to go ON your body?