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I Was Captured Last Night

But I escaped out of the window, turned into a bird, and flew away. Have you ever sat down and analyzed your dreams? If they are some message trying to warn you, or even guide you? I have the weird dreams where some guy shrinks my mom and puts her in the freezer, but then I have dreams that have a recurring theme, and that theme has changed three times during my growth in life. I’d have nightmares growing up, where I’d be sitting in the car and the car would start up and drive away on its own, and since I didn’t know how to drive, the car took me wherever it wanted to go. This recurred every so often until I was sixteen. I had the dream again, but this time, knowing how to drive, when the car in my dream started up and started driving on its own, I climbed into the driver seat and took control. I never had that dream again.

No, not that dream. The theme of my dreams changed after that to where 90% of every dream I had was now about some guy chasing me. The guy was always different. No one I knew. Never a female. And I was always on the run to get as far away as possible because hiding was useless. He always knew where I would hide. One dream I ran so far away the bad guy got tired and stopped chasing me. But since that was the entire purpose of my dream, I wandered around bored and wishing the bad guy would chase me again. I joined the army and deployed to Afghanistan. Around the time I returned from Afghanistan, those dreams stopped.

My mind took a break from themed dreams, until I started working as a deputy sheriff in the jail. The jail has no windows and I stay in it for 12 hours every work day. The doors are opened by someone else when I ask permission. My dreams are now themed after me being captured be a man (always a man. I’ve no idea why. I’m not scared of men). He always captures me, though I never know why or what for. And I always escape out of a window, turn into a bird, and fly away.

Do you have themed dreams? What events created them/changed them?

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