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How To Save $30 A Month On Hootsuite And Get The Same Result

If you’re familiar with Hootsuite, you know the cheapest paid version is $30 a month. It has a great feature called “bulk uploader” which I have discovered just today. Only, I’m living pay check to pay and can’t afford it.


It allows you to upload past scheduled posts to repost them all at once to a specified schedule, that way you don’t have re-create every post every freaking time. Just upload the old ones. It costs $30.

SAVE $30

Go into Hootsuite and create brand new posts to be scheduled, and schedule them. Do this to as many posts as you want to save for future posting. Before you hit the “send now” button or “schedule”, copy that post where you’ve already inserted your hashtags (optional), shortened link, and whoever you want to tag (for twitter ex: @JMRobison). My post looks like this:

Christianity and Literary Swearing via @JMRobison

#Christianity #writingadvice

To test this easy madness, copy the above post, drop it into Hootsuite’s scheduler, and hit “send now”. Go to your social media and see how it looks.

It looks good and it took you zero time.

Copy the post you created and paste it into a word document. Title this document “I’m saving $30. I’m so awesome”. Paste all your posts to this document, separated in some way so they will be easy to copy and paste later (you might have to insert a space before and after your shortened link to format it properly.)

Save your document. Now, next time you want to repost an old post, refer to your document, copy the post you want, paste it into Hootsuite’s scheduler, and hit “send now”/”schedule. How long did that take you? $30 cheaper, that’s for sure.

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