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Don't Express Yourself

Don’t you dare express yourself.

Not in religion, race, or gender

Because opinions are threats,

And sensitive to every member.

If you don’t agree you are wrong,

And we’ll troll you till the end,

Stalk you and harass you,

Until your reputation bends.

You must not be different,

Not unique, no individuality,

You must fall into step with us,

Or we’ll drown you in the media sea.

You must be accepting of all,

Or we’ll ruin your life,

There is no agree to disagree,

Only stabbing you with strife.

You don’t have to say you hate us,

Only express your feelings on your preference,

But we love a good hunt,

And we’ll bleed you for the indifference.

No, we won’t scroll past.

We’ll comment that you are sexist, bias, or hateful.

Get ugly with demands for no contest,

And when you defend, stuff our ears with wool.

We can’t just accept you don’t feel the same,

Because if you are not with us, you are against,

And court of law says we’re right,

And we’ll sue you for recompense.

So keep quiet and don’t speak,

Just agree with our post without a fuss

We’ll turn humanity into robots,

And make you all subservient to us.

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