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Share The Good Stories, Since The Media Won't

(This thunderstorm is a good representation of the thunderstorm we were running from)

I have ranted before about the media reporting on only those stories that make people look bad, and never reporting on the stories that make people look good. So I need to take the next step and prove I WANT to see good stories, and I'll do that by posting my own, in hopes that people will post theirs, so we can flood social media with the good and push out the hate. And all the good, for me, starts with my belief in God. I've known so many blessings because of my trust in God, and one I want to share.

Me and my good friend Teresa went hiking up a mountain one summer, with the intent to camp at the top. We reached the top and it started to rain. Hard.

And lightening started striking the mountain top.

We decided to pack up quick and hike off the mountain. It got dark on us, with the storm clouds and the rain covering any moonlight we might have had, and Teresa's flashlight stopped working. With only my dim flashlight and the hounding rain, we accidently walked off the road and could not find it again.

We were not lost, by any means, as we could clearly see the town lights below us, but in order to reach those lights safely - what with mountain lions, thick bramble, sharp ledges - we needed to find the road again. We decided to pray for help. In the prayer, we asked, "please make the rain stop" and, I kid you not, the rain stopped so suddenly, it felt like someone had shut a facet off. Not even a drizzle. The rain was gone. Also in the prayer we asked that we would be guided back to the road. We ended the prayer, and five minutes later, we found the road again. With the rain not making the dark even darker, we were able to stay on the road and make it off the mountain.

We got back to the truck - safe - and it started raining again.

If at any time I have doubts that prayers work, I remember this experience, and I know I had that experience so in the future - now - I could reflect back on it.

That is my good story. Share yours. #SweepTheEarth

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