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What does it mean to be a War Queen?

“Your people don’t want a princess. They want a war queen.”

From the line in my debut novel that prompted its title came a revelation that it is so much more than a line or a title. It’s a way of conducting yourself, your life, your job, and your future.

“Your people don’t want a princess…”

The instant we think of princesses, we see Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, etc. We see them as pretty, dreamy-eyed girls with bright hopes of a future. This is pretty fantastic…if you live in the 1700’s. You might be happily married or happily single. That doesn’t change the fact that life is getting more and more expensive and all of us are forced to work to keep up. Your dreams of being a comfortable princess where you sleep on silk pillows and lounge around all day eating chocolates have been shattered.

Shattered. But you have actually not lost control of that princess inside you. Instead, it has morphed.

“…They want a war queen.”

You don’t sleep on silk pillows because you are smart with your money and bought something more practical and cheaper. You don’t lounge around all day because nobody has ever changed the world by staring at the ceiling, and you don’t gorge on chocolate because you can’t win a war if you’re gasping for air after walking up a flight of stairs.

You’re an amazing parent. You’re a killer CEO. You’re a damn good soldier, shelf stocker, cashier, whatever it is you do that gets you up every day empowering you to do a job and do it well.

Your people are tired of useless princesses. They want a war queen to lead them to victory. You are that war queen. Now get up, put on your unicorn panties, swipe on that war paint, and change the world. Click the banner or click HERE to discover more about the first war queen and her challenges.

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