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Paragon Forgotten Chapter 1

Diviners claim the universe created both Paragons, male and female, from the cataclysm of two crashing stars. - Creation of Mortal Earth

Most humans find closure w​​hen they visit the graves of family, friends, and lovers. The visitors arrive time and time again with flowers and trinkets to show the spirits they are not forgotten, that they have forever imprinted mortality with their ideas and dreams so their memories might live on forever. Visitors also stay a while and talk and pray with the dead as if they were still alive. Some bring entire families to visit the graves, making it a family reunion as lively and happy as if the deceased had never left at all.

Not Cohthel.

For him, graves mocked his unrecoverable, soul-shredding loss carving him hollow with a dull, rusted blade. To visit a grave is to visit an apothecary and swallow your spoonful of