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We Were Not Born Broken

This post written 100% by human. (My Anti-AI promise here.)


Foot. Back. Hip and knee.

Ankle, shoulder--no more, please!

Our daily pains: physical, mental, and spiritual are coupled into a catchy little tune, shared, cited, and sung every day, every night, and more. I'm 35, and I have already, at some recent point in my life, experienced neck, back, foot, and knee pain.

But why?

I asked my co-workers why, the same co-workers singing the same song. Their imparted wisdom said, "Yep. You're at that age now." And others, "It's just part of life."

A part of life? God created us in his image. Did he engineer the human body so poorly that we come out of the womb pre-broken and set up to fail at age 35?

Did God suffer with back / foot / hip / knee pain at 35?

Are we born with broken feet so we have to rely on shoe companies to give us shoes to fix this pre-disposed engineering flaw? Must we rely on chair companies to rescue our backs because straight out of the womb our spines can't hold us upright on our own power? And the pillow? Thank goodness a mortal dove in and rescued our pre-broken necks! In fact, if it weren't for mortal intervention, humanity would have died away because we wouldn't have been able to walk, sit, or sleep.

I was 27 when I stood up and pain lanced through both feet. I limped around the rest of the workday. It was a job where I walked around a lot, so I thought my feet had finally reached their limit. I bought some extra cushion shoe inserts and blessed myself cured. Only, the shoe inserts did nothing.

I bought a pair of shoes that were very comfortable and wore those to work. My feet still hurt. I put shoe inserts inside those shoes as well. My feet still hurt. I had reached a point where I could not stand for five minutes without my feet hurting, or walk barefoot across my kitchen floor without the feeling of razor blades in both feet. I went to a foot doctor to find out why my feet always, always hurt. Except, the doctor didn't discuss WHY my feet hurt. He prescribed me medication to mask the pain and sent me home.

I didn't take the medication.

I decided my feet pain was a part of my life now. I didn't ask God for help. I decided to live with it. God understood my troubles anyway, and I opened up Youtube to watch something, and the pre-video advertisement enthralled me, talking about how modern-day shoes are ruining our feet: the arch support changes the natural bone structure, a narrow-toed toe box pinches toes together and changes their shape, the thicker heel forces an unnatural posture, and the very cushion in our shoes creates this disconnect from our brain so our brain forgets about the feet because the shoe is thinking for the brain so the brain doesn't have to.

That is when I learned about the Scam.

The Scam: wear shoes to prevent foot pain, sit in chairs and sleep in extra-comfy beds to prevent back pain, use pillows to prevent neck pain, and wear bras to prevent sagging boobs.

This is the first article in my "We Were Not Born Broken". As I write this, I am barefoot, not wearing a bra, and sitting upright in my chair without back support. My feet don't hurt. My back hurts less (I'm on a journey now to make it 100% pain free. This journey is still new for me). My boobs are perky. This "We Were Not Born Broken" series is not an endorsement of any company. I am advertising for no one. I am a real human born in a farming town in Idaho, now 35 and married. I'm writing this series to expose the indoctrinated Scam parents in America raised us to believe, because their parents raised them to believe it. I'm blowing it open, and I experimented on myself so I can confidently share:

We were not born broken. If we're broken, the Scam broke us, not God.

Coming up in the series: how I fixed my foot pain without doctors, shoes, medication, techniques, research, reading, praying, wishing, or chanting. I've blown this Scam open. See (and experiment without cost) for yourself.




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