Wanting to track down her friend's murderers, corset-hating Brynn of 1842 England follows a map her dead friend left her, but she finds instead a wizard imprisoned during the Middle Ages. Because the wizard is the last one, upon his death a creature from the Fae Realm...

There are only 2 forces in this world: what we make happen by our own two hands (we drive the car) and the random acts we react to (we get hit by a car).

REACTIVE PLOT LINE: Bob must walk one block to Grandma’s house. Two steps out his front door, a dog bites his leg. H...

Its nature is uncertain,

            Its purpose not disclosed.

I don’t know what it is,

            But I’m sure it isn’t prose.

It rises when falling’s better,


(This thunderstorm is a good representation of the thunderstorm we were running from) 

I have ranted before about the media reporting on only those stories that make people look bad, and never reporting on the stories that make people look good. So I need to t...


1 cup warm/hot water

1TBS baking soda

OPTIONAL: 5 drops essential oil of choice: Rosemary boosts hair growth which is what I use and it works, Lavender also promotes hair growth, Chamomile adds shine and softens, Cederwood promotes hair growth and treats thin...


1 disposable cotton round (found in the cosmetic section at your local store.)

1 TBS baking soda (or less, depending on your needs)

1 drop of either:

  • MELALEUCA: the best for fighting acne. My mother says it softens her wrinkles, too.

  • LAVENDER: 2nd bes...

One morning I woke up and I thought, what ingredients are in my face wash? A random thought, one that hadn’t struck me in all my 27 years of living. But finally approached with this question, I sat at the computer with face wash in hand and googled all the ingredients...

If you’re familiar with Hootsuite, you know the cheapest paid version is $30 a month. It has a great feature called “bulk uploader” which I have discovered just today. Only, I’m living pay check to pay and can’t afford it.


It allows you to uplo...

Don’t you dare express yourself.

Not in religion, race, or gender

Because opinions are threats,

And sensitive to every member.

If you don’t agree you are wrong,

And we’ll troll you till the end,

Stalk you and harass you,

Until your reputation bends.

You must not be different,


I've done it. I was booted from a facebook book lover's group. And when I say "booted" I mean, my posted was deleted, I was kicked out and BLOCKED from even finding and joining the group ever again. It won't come up in my search results. Further, I messaged the group a...


Talon stretched. They’d been discussing with their heads down for an hour.

Rubbing both eyes and smacking his lips still greasy from the hot meal, he stood. “Gotta empty the bowels,” he said, patting his...

Download A Thousand Hearts free on smashwords. Read a sample from the book below:

It splattered on the back of his neck in a coil of shivers sliding down his skin. Drip. Drip. Drip. It slithered into his shirt; a snaking river of soulless hunger, chomping at his flesh t...

I work at an interesting place. It’s a building with now windows on the exterior walls, doors that remain locked until you radio for them to be opened, and people screaming “Go to hell!” when I ask if they want breakfast.

I’m a Deputy Sheriff and I work in a county jail...

But I escaped out of the window, turned into a bird, and flew away. Have you ever sat down and analyzed your dreams? If they are some message trying to warn you, or even guide you? I have the weird dreams where some guy shrinks my mom and puts her in the freezer, but t...

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