Always the question: where did you get the idea to write The Last Wizard?

Always the answer: Like a Facebook's complicated.

I had just finished writing The War Queen (now published by Tirgearr Publishing) and I was chomping at the bit to write another story. Any story. Living in Elko, NV at the time, me and my husband spent an evening in Salt Lake City, UT. 11 p.m. came around and we needed to get home. The pro...

Wanting to track down her friend's murderers, corset-hating Brynn of 1842 England follows a map her dead friend left her, but she finds instead a wizard imprisoned during the Middle Ages. Because the wizard is the last one, upon his death a creature from the Fae Realm will infiltrate Earth and consume everyone. Finding more men to become wizards to prevent this is easy. Avoiding the church who wants the wizard dead isn't.


Since I based The Last Wizard off a real time period and place (Victorian Era England), I wanted to be as accurate as possible in my facts, and as an extra bonus I wanted to involve real historic events. Below are the events used in The Last Wizard:


Wars of the Roses

A series of dynastic wars for the throne of England. They were fought between supporters of two rival br...

You don't need this dictionary to enjoy reading my novel, The Last Wizard, but it's always fun learning about history. Especially so you can call a younghede waghalter a soiled codpiece and get away with it.


ART: Are.

BESEECH: Request, ask.

BESOUGHT: Asked, made request.

BETWIXT: Between.

BREEDBATE: A person or something that creates strife.

BUGLE-BEARD: A shaggy beard lik...

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